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Electrostatic Accelerator (6 MV) High Voltage Engineering Europe BV (HVEE) 6 MV Tandetron

Basic Information

Name: Electrostatic Accelerator (6 MV)
Manufacturer: High Voltage Engineering Europe BV (HVEE)
Model: 6 MV Tandetron
Facility: Ion Beam Center (IBC)
Partner: Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR)


Facility for ion beam modification and ion beam analysis of materials.
Dedicated beamlines for high-energy ion implantation, accelerator mass spectrometry and in-situ thin film deposition studies.

Energy range: 1 MeV - 60 MeV (depending on mass)
Ions: all elements (excluding noble gases and actinides)


Technical details:

Type: Tandem, high-voltage cascade (Dynamitron)
Terminal voltage: 0.3 - 6 MV
Ion sources: Duoplasmatron Model 358 with Li charge exchange channel
Cs sputter source Model IONEX 860C
AMS Cs sputter source SO-110
Duoplasmatron EKTON
Multicusp gas source with Rb charge exchange channel
Energy range: about 0.6 - 50 MeV
(depending on available ion charge states)
Ion currents: 0.001 - 100 µA
Endstations: 12
Applications: High-energy ion implantation; Ion irradiation
Ion beam analysis (IBA) 
Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS)
Nuclear- and astrophysics
Optics development for laser-accelerated ions

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Points of Contact

Dr. Stefan Facsko/ Mrs. Annette Weißig (Office)
+49 351 260 - 2343
+49 351 260 - 13378


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