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Archaeological Heritage Office in Saxony (LfA) (Agency)

German name: "Landesamt für Archäologie Sachsen (LfA)".


web: http://www.archaeologie.sachsen.de/
email: e-mail
phone: (+49) (0)351 - 8926 603
fax: (+49) (0)351 - 8926 604
address: Archaeological Heritage Office in Saxony (LfA), Zur Wetterwarte 7, 01109 Dresden, Germany


While it is our priority to preserve archaeological sites for future generations whenever possible, we have also developed an effective rescue program in order to salvage as much information as possible if destruction is inevitable. This involves a co-operative strategy, which regards the investors and construction companies as partners. The necessary archaeological investigations are integrated into the planing schedule in so that our activities are part of a smooth working process involving reliable time limits and financial budgeting. The Saxon Archaeological Heritage Service carries out the excavations and controls the project and financial management.

A further important aspect of heritage management is the integration of our rescue activities in research programs and the expedient publication of our results.

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