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Flexible organic electronics

Basic Information

Name: Flexible organic electronics
Partner: Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology (FEP)


The strengths of the Fraunhofer FEP Flexible Organic Electronics business unit are technological innovation and innovative product development through use of numerous processes and facilities as well as a dedicated clean room. Various coating technologies are available, such as vacuum vaporization of organic and inorganic materials, atomic layer deposition (ALD) along with printing and laminating processes as well as laser ablation. Many of these processes can be carried out without breaking vacuum, as well as in combination with inert atmospheres. The precursor and deposition technologies are supplemented by powerful measurement and characterization facilities optimized for the electrical and optical analysis of OLEDs, organic solar cells, and photodiodes.

Development work for flexible OLED modules takes place using individual arched substrates as well as on rolls of materials (roll-to-roll processing). Processing of rigid substrates such as glass or metal plate is likewise available.

The business unit offers its clients the development of processes and technologies for efficient and cost-effective fabrication of innovative OLED lighting solutions. Typical jobs involve client-specific layout and fabrication of OLED demonstration samples for investigating new fields of application, stacked-layer development and efficiency increases for OLEDs, as well as evaluation of barrier films and other materials for flexible OLEDs.

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