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Real-Time Confocal Microscope (SD1 - Andor Spinning Disc) Olympus IX71


Name: Real-Time Confocal Microscope (SD1 - Andor Spinning Disc)
Hersteller: Olympus
Modell: IX71
Einrichtung: Abteilung für Lichtmikroskopie (LMF)
Partner: Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Zellbiologie und Genetik (MPI-CBG)
Inventarnummer: 0


Light Microscope
Fast, "real-time" confocal imaging. Laser equipment: 488 nm solid-state Coherent Sapphire (75mW), 561 nm solid-state Cobolt Jive (75mW) + 640 Coherent Cube (40mW) .
Suitable for confocal imaging of EGFP, mCherry, dTomato, Draq5 and the like with high temporal and spatial resolution.
Inverted stand
1.6x OptoVar
fast piezo objective z-positioner (Physik Instrumente - PI)
Prior ProScanIII xy scanning stage
micro point with 15Hz cutter laser with 365nm and 405nm dye cells;
objectives 40x 1.25 SIL and 60x 1.3 SIL are shared objectives and need to be booked separately via the LMF booking database!
Olympus UPlanSApochromat 10x 0.4
Olympus UPlanFluar 20x 0.5
Olympus UPlanFluarN 60x 0.9
Olympus UPlanSApochromat 60x 1.20 W
Olympus UPlanSApochromat 100x 1.4 Oil
Olympus UPlanSApochromat 40x 0.9
Olympus UApochromat 40x 1.15 W
Olympus UPlanFLN 40x 0.75 Ph2
Olympus UPlanFluar 60x 1.25 Oil Ph3
Olympus UApochromatN340 40x 1.15 W
Transmitted Light (Halogen)
Fluorescence (HBO)
Laser DPSS 488 nm
Laser DPSS 561 nm
Laser DPSS 640 nm
[[detection::Spinning disc scan head Yokogawa CSU-X1 (10.000rpm):
dichromatic mirrors:
Quad band T-405/488/568/647
Triple band T-405/488/561
Single band T-488
physical pinhole radius: 25um
physical pinhole spacing: 250um
back-projected pinhole radius: 0.15um
back-projected pinhole spacing: 1.5um (with 100x objective
1.6x optovar)
Andor Dual Camera Port TuCam with two cameras and 0.95x projecting lens for each camera:
Andor iXon EM+ DU-897 BV back illuminated EMCCD
dexel size of EMCCD chip: 16um
Andor Neo sCMOS
dexel size of CMOS chip: 6.5um
image pixel sizes (measured April 3rd 2012):
for use with iXon: with 10x air objective: 1.695um/px (1x optovar)
1.055 um/px (1.6x opt.)
with 40x air obj.: 0.418um/px (1x opt.)
0.26um/px (1.6x opt.)
with 60x W obj.: 0.279um/px (1x opt.)
0.174um/px (1.6x opt.)
with 100x oil obj.: 0.168um/px (1x opt.)
0.105um/px (1.6x opt.)
for use with Neo: with 10x air objective: 0.692um/px (1x optovar)
0.432um/px (1.6x opt.)
with 40x air obj.: 0.17um/px (1x opt.)
0.106um/px (1.6x opt.)
with 60x W obj.: 0.114um/px (1x opt.)
0.071um/px (1.6x opt.)
with 100x oil obj.: 0.068um/px (1x opt.)
0.043um/px (1.6x opt.)

old measure pixel sizes before major upgrade 26th - 30th March 2012:
image pixel size (measured again after major scope repair on March 7th 2011): with 100x objective: 0.175um (was 0.178um before 20110307)
100x obj
and 1.6x optovar: 0.109um (was 0.111um before 20110307)
60x obj.: 0.289um (was 0.288um before)
60x obj
and 1.6x opt.: 0.180um (was 0.181um before 20110307)
10x obj. : 1.747um
10x obj
and 1.6x opt.: 1.089um
camera projecting lens has about 0.92x (was 0.9x before 2011_03_07) magnification calculated from the measured pixel sizes]]
Optical Insight DualView image splitter (currently not installed):
holder for GFP/mCherry: BL 525/40
BS 565
ET 605/70
holder for GFP/RFP: HC 520/35
BS 565
HC 628/40
Rotr filter wheel:
position 0: 624/40
1: open
2: 525/30
3: razor edge 568LP
4: dual emitter: 512/23+630/91
5: razor edge 488LP
6: old CSU dual emitter: 525/30 + 650/?
7: 605/70
8: 445/40
9: edge basic 635LP
microscope filter turret:
position 1: GFP cube
2: RFP cube
3: dual GFP + RFP cube
4: cube with z375 RDC for micropoint cutter
5: empty
6: DIC analyzer
[[software::iQ 2.9 + iQ 3.0 (both with Python) iQ3 user guide]]
Stage incubator (T) + objective heater

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