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Tribometer / Rheometer Anton Paar Tribometer T-PTD 200 / Rheometer MRC 502

Basic Information

Name: Tribometer / Rheometer
Manufacturer: Anton Paar
Model: Tribometer T-PTD 200 / Rheometer MRC 502
Facility: Chair of Large Area Laser Based Surface Structuring (LMO)
Partner: Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)
Partner: Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology (IWS)
Location: ZEU046
Inventory number: 25165051


Tribological measurements:

The tribological accessory is based on the ball-on-three-plates / ball-on-three-pins principle, where a vertically held steel ball is placed on an three-plates inset. The plate stage is movable in all directions to set the required normal load on all three plates. With the tribological setup Stribeck curves and static friction tests can be done.


Rheologcal measurements:

A rheometer is a scientific instrument to measure the flow and deformation behavior of materials in rotational and oscillatory mode. Good speed and torque control are necessary for qualitative rheological results. Similar parameters are needed for tribology, whereas both measurements are combined in this machine.

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Points of Contact

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrés F. Lasagni / Mrs. Lisa Becher (Sec.)
+49 351 463-37844
+49 351 463-37755


Specifications MCR 502



Max. torque

300 mNm

Min. torque, rotation


Min. torque, oscillation

0.5 mNm

Normal Force

0.005 to 70 N

Angle of deflection

0.05 µrad to ∞ rad


Anton Paar RheoCompass

Automatic gap control/setting with TruGapTM for in-place measurement and control of the gap

ToolmasterTM for automatic recognition of measuring and environmental systems, QuickConnect for one-hand fitting of measuring systems


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