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VIS/IR -DLIP μFAB System Designed by TU Dresden, LMO

Basic Information

Name: VIS/IR -DLIP μFAB System
Manufacturer: Designed by TU Dresden, LMO
Facility: Chair of Large Area Laser Based Surface Structuring (LMO)
Partner: Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)
Partner: Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology (IWS)
Location: ZEU048
Inventory number: Laser: 25155639 / Housing: 25163668


Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP)

This system is capable to directly structure materials using Direct Laser Interference Patterning technology (DLIP). The 2 and 4 laser beam interference is realised using heads, produced by Fraunhofer IWS. The formed interference intensity profile is used to directly ablate the material surface, producing line-like, pillar-like and dot-like structures. The specially design optical setups inside the DLIP heads and the system itself provides the ability to change the period and the area of the interference profile.


Picosecond laser from neoLASE GmbH is used in this system. The laser emits fundamental (λ=1064nm) and second harmonic (λ=532nm) radiation providing the ability to structure wider range of materials. The repetition rate and energy of the pulses can be changed during the ongoing process.

Positioning stages

The XY and vertical Z positioning stages from Aerotech GmbH is used to move the samples in respect to the laser spot and to control the vertical position of the interference spot respectively.


  • DLIP Kopf: Fraunhofer IWS
  • Achsen: Aerotech GmbH
  • Laser: NeoLASE

Points of Contact

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrés F. Lasagni / Mrs. Lisa Becher (Sec.)
+49 351 463-37844
+49 351 463-37755


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