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Transmission electron microscope JEOL F-200C

Basic Information

Name: Transmission electron microscope
Manufacturer: JEOL
Model: F-200C
Facility: Dresden Center for Nanoanalysis (DCN)
Partner: Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden (TUD)
Location: BAR S81


  • JEOL window-less Dual EDX system
  • Gatan OneView - In-situ 4K camera
  • Gatan Continuum - Dual EELS/EFTEM system
  • Protochips Atmosphere 210 - In-situ gas/heating holder with gas supply and
    residual gas analyzer
  • Protochips Poseidon Select - In-situ liquid and electro-chemistry holder
  • Protochips Fusion II - In-situ heating and electrical bias holder
  • Mel-Build LN2 Atmos Defend - In-situ double-tilt LN2 cooling holder

Options of instrument usage

Points of Contact

Linda Luther
+49 351 463-41093
+49 351 463-31985

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