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IR-scattering SNOM mit Freie Elektronen Laser - -

Basic Information

Name: IR-scattering SNOM mit Freie Elektronen Laser
Manufacturer: -
Model: -
Facility: Chair of Experimental Physics / Photophysics
Partner: Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)


This scattering-type nar-field optical microsocpe operates both in air and down to LHe temperatures (4 Kelvin) and uses the IR beamline at FELBE/TELBE (HZDR) for opitcal excitation. As a result, wavelnegths from 4 µm down to 1 mm might be covered, allowing to answer a manifold of fundamental and applied question in physics.



Points of Contact

Prof. Lukas Eng / Mrs. D. Herrmann-Buder (Sec.)
+49 351 463-40222
+49 351 463-37098

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