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Generation and characterization of induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPS)

Facility: Stem Cell Engineering

The facility generates intergation/transgene free human induced pluripotent stem (hiPS) cells from diverse kinds of somatic cells.


Engineering of hES/hiPS cell lines

Facility: Stem Cell Engineering

This service includes for example the generation of isogenic hES/hiPS cell lines, gene knock in/out in hES/hiPS cell lines and others...


Generation of cortical neural precursor cells (NPCs) from hES/hiPS cells

Facility: Stem Cell Engineering

The facility helps optimize protocols and generates NPCs from hES/hiPS cells and provides them as frozen stocks to investigators.


Culture and adoption of hES/hiPS cells

Facility: Stem Cell Engineering

The facility can develop feeder independent cultures of hES/hiPS cells from feeder dependent cultures to substrates like Matrigel, Vitronectin, Geltrex and Synthamax.


Molekulare Karyotypisierung

Facility: Genetic Diagnostics

In erster Linie wird diese Untersuchung bei Patienten mit einer Entwicklungsstörung durchgeführt. In unserem Labor wird die molekulare Karyotypisierung in Form einer Array-CGH durchgeführt.


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Paneldiagnostik und Exom-Sequenzierung

Facility: Genetic Diagnostics

Wir bieten die hochdurchsatzbasierte Sequenzierung von 94 Genen an, die mit einer erhöhten Tumorprädisposition einhergehen. Zudem führen wir die Sequenzierung von ca. 4800 Genen durch, die...


Koventionelle und Molekulare Zytogenetische Untersuchungen (Chromosomenanalyse/FISH)

Facility: Genetic Diagnostics

Rein methodisch wird die zytogenetische Diagnostik unterteilt in die konventionelle zytogenetische und in die molekularzytogenetische Diagnostik.


Training courses an integration tests on the A320 flight simulator

Facility: Chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics

Training courses and integration testing within research collaborations on the A320 flight simulator.


Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

Facility: Working Group for Physical Materials Diagnostics

Eddy-current testing is an electromagnetic testing method used in nondestructive testing in conductive materials.

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