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Advanced heat treatments

Basic Information

Name: Advanced heat treatments
Facility: Metal Physics
Partner: Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW Dresden)


Heat treatment of metallic materials

We provide furnaces that make heat treatments at different temperatures and athmospheres feasible. The table provides an overview about our furnaces including the maximum temperature, sample size as well as the attainable atmosphere (Mix can be anything within Ar/N2/O2).

Temperature  [°C ] Sample size  [ mm ]  Air Vac H2 Ar N2 O2


1800 30x30x150 x   x x x    


80 x 80 x 80 x            
1200 1500 x D=100 x   x x x    
1050 1500 X D=150 x x x x x x x
1050 D=350 x     x x    

In addition, several special techniqes are available:


Technique Sample size  [ mm ]  Air Vac H2 Ar N2 O2 Mix
hardening & ageing 90 x 90 x 90 x     x      
long term annealing 600 x D=70 x     x x x x

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Points of Contact

Prof. Dr. Jens Freudenberger (Head)
+49 (0)351 4659-550
+49 (0)351 4659-541

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