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Metal forming

Basic Information

Name: Metal forming
Facility: Metal Physics
Partner: Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW Dresden)


We provide a large variety of techniques that make metal forming at different stress states and conditions feasible. The tables below provide an overview about our machines, including the largest and smallest dimensions of the samples that can be formed.


machine details dimensions
air-hammer mx 2.5kNm D=14mm - 80 mm



machine details dimensions
rotory swager 4 plungers (up to 1000°C) D=6.7mm - 28.8mm
rotory swager 2 plungers (RT only) D=0.3mm - 9mm



machine details dimensions
chain drawing bench l up to 18m D=3mm - 30mm
chain drawing bench l up to 3m D=0.5mm - 6mm
bull block bobbin-D=600mm D below 6.5mm
bull block bobbin-D=400mm D below 4.5mm
fine wire bull block   D=0.1mm - 0.5mm



machine details dimensions
duo rolling mill roll-D=280mm (high T) h=1mm - 50mm; w max 200mm
quatro rolling mill roll-D=110mm/320mm h=0.1mm - 4mm; w max 200mm
profile rolling mill roll-D=110mm SW=6.5mm - D=20mm
profile rolling mill roll-D=88mm SW=1.5mm - D=8mm
fine rolling mill 6 rolls (D=40mm) h=0.05mm - 0.5mm; w max 40mm
fine rolling mill 12 rolls (D=11mm) h=0.015mm - 0.1mm; w max 30mm
fine duo rolling mill roll-D=80mm h=0.09mm - 2mm; w max 10mm

D=diamteter; w=width; h=height; SW=width across flats

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Points of Contact

Prof. Dr. Jens Freudenberger (Head)
+49 (0)351 4659-550
+49 (0)351 4659-541


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