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Equipment of Chair of Hydrology

Technische Universität Dresden

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Isotope Analyzer (Cavity Ring Down Spectrometer)

Manufacturer: Picarro Inc.
Model: L2130-i
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The PICARRO L2130-i is a cavity ring-down spectrometer measuring δD/δ18O isotopes in water and air. O, H isotope analysis of water samples in field experiments (on-site analyser).


PARIO Particle Size Analyser

Manufacturer: METER GmbH
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

Die PARIO Apparatur dient zur automatisierten Bestimmung der Korngrößenverteilung von Bodenproben unter Ausschluss von Störfaktoren herkömmlicher Verfahren.


ku-pF apparatus

Manufacturer: Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH (UIT)
Model: DT04-01
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The ku-pF MP10 is a laboratory instrument for the automatic determination of the saturated hydraulic conductivity ku and the pf curve in accordance with the evaporation method on up to 10 soil rings.


Fluorescence Spectrometer

Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer LAS GmbH
Model: LS-50B
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The LS-50B spectrometer is a computer-operated luminescence spectrometer with the ability to measure fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemiluminescence and bioluminescence.



Manufacturer: Teledyne RD Instruments
Model: Riverboat StreamPro (SP)
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The ADCP boat is a mobile device to measure flow velocities in stream cross-sections and to determine discharge.


Irrigation Control System

Manufacturer: Netafim
Model: NMC-Pro
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

he NMC-Pro is a multifunctional control system for the irrigation, fertigation (fertilization and irrigation) and climate control.


PUG - Pressure Unit Gradient Apparat

Manufacturer: Eigenbau
Model: PUG v3
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The PUG apparatus directly measures the hydraulic conductivity near saturation as well as the retention curve of the soil samples.


Drying Oven

Manufacturer: Heraeus Thermo Scientific
Model: UT 6120
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The drying oven is used to dry soil samples. Temperatures can be adjusted to up to 250°C/300°C.