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Isotope Analyzer

Manufacturer: PICARRO
Model: L2130-i
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The PICARRO L2130-i is a cavity ring-down spectrometer measuring δD/δ18O isotopes in water and air.


ku-pF apparatus

Manufacturer: Umwelt - Geräte - Technik GmbH
Model: DT04-01
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The ku-pF MP10 is a laboratory instrument for the automatic determination of the saturated hydraulic conductivity ku and the pf curve in accordance with the evaporation method on up to 10 soil rings.



Manufacturer: Teledyne RD Instruments
Model: Riverboat StreamPro (SP)
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The ADCP boat is a mobile device to measure flow velocities in stream cross-sections and to determine discharge.


Fluorescence Spectrometer

Manufacturer: PerkinElmer Inc.
Model: LS-50B
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The LS-50B spectrometer is a computer-operated luminescence spectrometer with the ability to measure fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemiluminescence and bioluminescence.


Irrigation Control System

Manufacturer: Netafim
Model: NMC-Pro
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

he NMC-Pro is a multifunctional control system for the irrigation, fertigation (fertilization and irrigation) and climate control.


PUG - Pressure Unit Gradient Apparat

Manufacturer: Eigenbau
Model: PUG v3
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The PUG apparatus directly measures the hydraulic conductivity near saturation as well as the retention curve of the soil samples.


Drying Oven

Manufacturer: Heraeus Thermo Scientific
Model: UT 6120
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

The drying oven is used to dry soil samples. Temperatures can be adjusted to up to 250°C/300°C.



Manufacturer: METER
Facility: Chair of Hydrology

Die PARIO Apparatur dient zur automatisierten Bestimmung der Korngrößenverteilung von Bodenproben unter Ausschluss von Störfaktoren herkömmlicher Verfahren.


TKN Analyzer

Manufacturer: BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
Model: Destillationseinheit „KjelFlex K-360" und IR-Aufschlusssystem "SpeedDigester K-436 Standard"
Facility: Institut für Abfall- und Kreislaufwirtschaft

The determination of organically bounded nitrogen (called TKN), is realized by a digestion and steam distillation with addition of sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide and suitable catalysts.


Ion Chromatography

Manufacturer: Metrohm GmbH
Model: 709, 732, 733, 750, 882 Compcat IC plus
Facility: Institut für Abfall- und Kreislaufwirtschaft

Ion chromatography allows the determination of anions (e.g. chloride, sulfate, nitrate, nitrite and phosphate), cations as well as organic acids from liquid sample materials.

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