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Fluidized bed pilot plant TU Dresden / ThyssenKrupp AG VERENA

Basic Information

Name: Fluidized bed pilot plant
Manufacturer: TU Dresden / ThyssenKrupp AG
Facility: Institut für Abfall- und Kreislaufwirtschaft (IAK)
Partner: Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)

Short Description

Thermal behavior of refused-derived fuel in stationary fluidized bed combustion. The integrated and complex analysis technique allows the online analysis of various parameters in the flue gas.


Fluidized bed pilot plant VERENA


Thermal treatment of various types of waste and biomass for energy recovery has a raising importance. The investigations at the institute also include the behavior of different kinds of waste and biomass during combustion processes. Therefore, the TU Dresden and the ThyssenKrupp AG decided in 2005 to build up a fluidized bed pilot plant. The aim was to improve the existing requirements for research. The core of the system is the furnace with a height of about 6 meters. By the usage of a fluidized bed combustion system the fuel as well as the sand material fluidized by adding hot primary air through a nozzle floor. Thus, in a fluidized bed a highly effective combustion takes place. The reactor chamber has a diameter of 80 centimeters. With a throughput of about 50 to 500 kilogram per hour, the system achieves a thermal power of about 330 kW. The generated exhaust air (up to 1,200 m³) passes various flue gas cleaning systems like cyclones, flu gas cooler as well as a fabric filter. The installed hot gas cyclone removes the resulting ash particles from the flue gas. The integrated and complex analysis technique allows the online analysis of various parameters in the flue gas (e.g. O2, CO, CO2, NOx, HCl, NH3, SO2).



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Points of Contact

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Christina Dornack
+49 351 463 44121
+49 351 463 44122



  • Rauchgasanalysator für H2O, O2, CO2, CO, N2O, NO, SO2, HCl, HF, NH3, Corg
  • Rauchgasanalysator für O2, CO2
  • diverse Messungen für T, p, Durchfluss


  • Thermische Leistung:           ca. 330 kW
  • Durchsatzleistung:                50 - 500 kg/h
  • Rauchgasvolumenstrom:      300 - 1.200 Nm³/h
  • Düsenbodendurchmesser:    600 mm
  • Düsenbodenfläche:               0,28 m²
  • Reaktorhöhe:                        6.500 mm
  • Reaktordurchmesser:           800 mm


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