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Tube Furnace with Sourcemeter und Nanovoltmeter Tektronix GmbH / Keithley 2611A / 2182A

Basic Information

Name: Tube Furnace with Sourcemeter und Nanovoltmeter
Manufacturer: Tektronix GmbH / Keithley
Model: 2611A / 2182A
Facility: Mechanical Testing of Materials
Partner: Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS)


"Keithley SourceMeter Series 2600A combines in one instrument a power supply, true current source, 6.5-digit DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, V or I pulse generator with measurement, electronic load and trigger controller."


"The two-channel Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter is optimized for making stable, low noise voltage measurements and for characterizing low resistance materials and devices reliably and repeatably. It provides higher measurement speed and significantly better noise performance than alternative low voltage measurement  solutions..." [http://www.tek.com]

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