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Test Bench for Electrical Machines and Drives Fa. Berghof Mühlhausen/Thüringen Sonderanfertigung

Basic Information

Name: Test Bench for Electrical Machines and Drives
Manufacturer: Fa. Berghof Mühlhausen/Thüringen
Model: Sonderanfertigung
Facility: Chair of Electrical Machines and Drives (EMA)
Partner: Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)
Location: Görgesbau der TU Dresden
Inventory number: Anlagen-Nr. 25147429


The test bench enables the realistic optimization, analysis and validation of electric motors and the associated power electronics in the power range up to 200 kW. The test facility is equipped with regenerative power converters on the load and test object side, so that speed- or torque-controlled operation of the machine set is possible in all four quadrants. At present, a high-speed load unit (106 Nm, 13,500 min-1) and a low-speed load unit (1010 Nm, 1,750 min-1) are available to absorb the mechanical power of the test specimen motors. A special feature is the generation of a variable intermediate circuit voltage for the machine power converters on the DUT side (10...800 VDC, 600 ADC). This allows adaptation to different DC voltage levels for EV/HEV drives and stationary industrial drives. An experimental converter in combination with a universal microcomputer system from dSpace is additionally installed for the investigation of new control algorithms close to the converter.
The measurement and automation technology of the test facility is primarily geared towards the continuous recording of power, efficiency and efficiencies from the electrical supply to the motor shaft in stationary or dynamic operation of the drive train. Essential elements of the measuring technology are power measuring devices WT 3000 and WT 1800 (Yokogawa) for the measurement of pulsed voltages and harmonic currents as well as measuring flanges T12 (HBM) for speed and torque measurement. The measuring equipment has the necessary measuring accuracy to make statements on the efficiency of an examined component also in the partial load range on the basis of difference measurements. All specifications for measuring accuracy in the determination of losses and efficiencies of electrical machines according to DIN EN 60034-2 are met.

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Points of Contact

Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Hofmann/ Fr. Peggy Martin (Secretary)
+49 351 463-33223
+49 351 463-33655


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