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Biaxial Tension – Torsion Test Bench INOVA Torsions-Axial-Prüfsystem

Basic Information

Name: Biaxial Tension – Torsion Test Bench
Manufacturer: INOVA
Model: Torsions-Axial-Prüfsystem
Facility: Competence Materials Characterization and Testing
Partner: Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology (IWS)

Short Description

INOVA Torsion - Axial Test Bench


  • Equipment/ technical data
    • Tension:  
      • Max. Load  ±40 kN
      • Max. Displacement  ±50 mm
    • Torsion:
      • Max. Torsion: ±8,0 kNm (static), ±6,4 kNm (dynamic
      • Rotation angle: ±50 mm
    • Test - frequency : f ≤ 50 Hz
    • Individual phase at constant frequency possible
    • Clamping tools:
      • Wedge grips for shaft diameters of: Ø 40mm, 50mm, 70 mm
      • Pitch circle diameters (e.g. Ø 140mm / 200mm / 300mm)
      • General clamping length ca. 1250 mm
      • Additional measuring: 3 strain channels
      • Monitoring rate up to 10 kHz
  • Methods
    • Material and component testing with combined torsional-axial-loads
    • Testing of join patches, components, materials, etc.
    • Usage of hydrostatical, gimbal-mounted joints to compensate an offset of the testing sample, for example: e.g. warpage through welding
    • Decoupling of axial and torsional stress

Options of instrument usage

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Associated Services

Name Preview Actions
Determination of mechanical characteristics of materials and composite materials (static, cyclic, fracture toughness, flow curves, etc.)
Failure and damage analysis
Determination of characteristic curves for the assessment of fatigue strength (e.g. Wöhler curve, fatigue crack growth)
Product accompanying quality assurance


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