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digital image correlation (DIC) Limess Q 400-3D

Basic Information

Name: digital image correlation (DIC)
Manufacturer: Limess
Model: Q 400-3D
Facility: Competence Materials Characterization and Testing
Partner: Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology (IWS)

Short Description

digital image correlation – Limess Q400-3D


  • Equipment/ technical data
    • Testing frequency: adjustable, 0,5 Hz-2,16 kHz
    • Q400 sensor with USB3: 2 cameras with 2 MP/aspect ratio 4:3 and 2 lenses (25mm; 1:1,4)
    • 1x 80x80mm calibration target
    • Camera tripod with mounting for both cameras and illumination
    • Laptop with Software: ISTRA 4D, SCILAB, executable Modules
    • Test control: single picture and ring buffering
    • Specimens: flat specimens, shouldered round specimens, components
    • Availability: 1 DIC-system
  • Methods
    • 3d full field measurement of deformation, strain, displacement and geometry
    • Executable modules: Electronic Component Testing (Coefficient of thermal expansion: CTE), Tensile Testing (Young’s Modulus, Poisson Ratio, Strain/Force) , Vibration Analysis (Signal over Time, FFT-Analysis)

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