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ICP-Optical Emission Spectroscopy Perkin Elmer ICP-OES "Optima 8000"

Basic Information

Name: ICP-Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer
Model: ICP-OES "Optima 8000"
Facility: Institut für Abfall- und Kreislaufwirtschaft (IAK)
Partner: Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)
Location: Pirna-Copitz, TUD-Geb.-Nr. 8111, Raum S21
Inventory number: 25153948

Short Description

Optical emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES), wavelength spectrum: 165-190 nm with resolution of < 0.009 nm @ 200 nm.


The Optima 8000 ICP-OES uses a unique double-spectrometer optical system. This design results in a high-speed, high light-throughput optical system offering excellent resolution, all in a compact system. The sealed optical system can be purged with nitrogen for low UV (165-190 nm) performance.

The high-dispersion echelle spectrometer has a focal length of 0.3 meter and a Stigmatic Littrow configuration. The echelle grating used for dispersion has 79 lines/mm with a blaze angle of 63.4 degrees.

The spectral range is 165-900 nm with resolution of < 0.009 nm @ 200 nm.

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Points of Contact

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Christina Dornack
+49 351 463 44121
+49 351 463 44122


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