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RedEdge Multispectral Camera

Manufacturer: MicaSense Inc.
Model: RedEdge-M
Facility: Chair of Photogrammetry

"RedEdge-MX is a reliable, accurate, high-precision sensor." [micasense.com]



Manufacturer: Feutron Klimasimulation GmbH
Model: KPK 200
Facility: Messtechnisches Labor für Baudiagnostik und Holz­bau


ZD 2500

Manufacturer: Walter + Bai AG
Facility: Otto-Mohr-Laboratorium


LTQ-Orbitrap XL ETD Mass Spectrometer

Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH
Model: LTQ-Orbitrap XL ETD
Facility: Molecular Analysis / Mass Spectrometry

High resolution hybrid mass spectrometer (R(max): 120,000 at m/z 400) with the following MS/MS options: CID with detection in iontrap (low res., MSn capability) or orbitrap (high res.),...

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