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Services of Faculty of Chemistry and Food Chemistry

Technische Universität Dresden

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Food Analytics

Facility: Chair of Food Chemistry

Die Professur für Lebensmittelchemie bietet verschiedene Dienstleistungen und Auftragsanalysen an.


Analysis of the structure of various materials through spectroscopic techniques

Facility: Chair of Bioanalytical Chemistry

We are specialized to the application of spectroscopic techniques (NMR spectroscopy, optical spectroscopy) to determine the structure of various materials.


X-ray structure determination of crystalline substances

Facility: Chair of Inorganic Molecular Chemistry

Service X-ray structure determination is a very powerful non-destructive analytical technique that provides structural information on length scales from microns down to the atomic level.



Facility: Materials Center

Using innovative shaping technology we will produce rod shaped or spherical beads from your material already at gram scale.


Nitrogen Physisorption Measurements

Facility: Materials Center

We will conduct low temperature nitrogen physisoption measurements including the evaluation according to BET- and Langmuir theory.


X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD)

Facility: Materials Center

You need a fast and reliable phase analysis and do not have the opportunity to measure it by yourself? We will provide you with XRPD measurements based on only 15 mg of material.

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