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Equipment of Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)

Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)
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Eksigent 425 UPLC

Manufacturer: AB Sciex LLC
Model: Eksigent 425 UPLC
Facility: Molecular Analysis / Mass Spectrometry

UPLC für Nano-Flow and Microflow


Q-Exactive HF Mass Spectrometer

Manufacturer: ThermoFisherScientific GmbH
Model: Q-Exactive HF
Facility: Molecular Analysis / Mass Spectrometry

Q-Exactive HF High resolution hybrid quadrupole - orbitrap mass spectrometer


Suspension mass cytometer

Manufacturer: Fluidigm Corp.
Model: CyTOF2
Facility: Suspension mass cytometry


M02 Reactor-PEA

Manufacturer: P2O-Lab
Facility: Process-to-Order-Lab

Example Process Equipment Assembly (PEA) with automated services following the standard of the VDI/VDE/NAMUR 2658 (Module Type Package, MTP).


Determination of freezing behaviour

Manufacturer: TU Dresden, IfWW
Model: Eigenbau
Facility: Chair of Biomaterials


Ice Adhesion Tester

Manufacturer: TU Dresden, IfWW –unter Nutzung einer ESPEC-Kammer SH242
Model: Eigenbau
Facility: Chair of Biomaterials


Full automated contact angle goniometer

Manufacturer: Dataphysics
Model: OCA 20
Facility: Chair of Biomaterials


LINKAM cooling stage

Manufacturer: Linkam Scientific Instruments Ltd.
Model: THMS 600, LTD 350
Facility: Chair of Biomaterials


UV-visible spectrophotometer

Manufacturer: Varian Inc. (now: Agilent Technologies)
Model: Cary 100
Facility: Chair of Materials Science and Nanotechnology

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